Software Testing and Quality Assurance is essential for technology companies as they ensure higher quality at lower costs, reduce release cycle, increase client satisfaction and enhance competitive edge.

Our software testing and QA services can help your company stay competitive in today’s dynamically changing market place. At Amtex Systems, we can maintain the overall product development costs to be significantly low, while maintaining high level of product quality. Our experience in working with commercial tools that are popularly used in software testing and quality assurance services has resulted in higher overall end-user satisfaction for our clients.

Amtex Systems also offers you an offshore software testing service. We understand that test and review are integral parts of the product lifecycle and we take on the test engineering process right from requirements review to test case review, component testing to sustaining engineering, functional testing to compliance testing, and test strategy to test automation. Our independent test engineering offers complete lifecycle capabilities. We optimize our processes and methodologies for your specific business and quality objectives. In a nutshell, we have comprehensive software testing and QA services as we offer both manual and automated software testing services.