Our profile as an offshore software testing service company works to our advantage in providing both on-site/off-site and offshore flexible services. Our effort to form a robust team is strengthened with combined experiences of both the client's needs and our engineering solutions. Our method encourages client interaction and incorporates client feedback in all projects including:

  • Core test services
  • Functionality and UI
  • Robustness, Reliability
  • UI, Accessibility, Usability
  • Smoke Testing
  • Regression
  • Compliance
  • Expert Test Services
  • Performance Testing
  • Security
  • Globalization, Localization
  • Compatibility
  • Interoperability
  • Logo Compliance and Certification

Test Automation:

Our test engineers hold proficiency in the following testing tools:
  • Worksoft - certify
  • Segue - Silk test
  • Mercury Interactive - Win Runner, Test Director, Load Runner & Quick Test Pro
  • Rational - Rational Robot and Visual Test
  • Compuware - QA load