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Staffing Solutions
Permanent Solutions for Temporary Staffing

People are the most powerful assets of a company and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any company, today. Companies across the globe lay critical emphasis on their human resources and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right people for the right job at the right time.

Some of the underlying reasons that have made companies opt for temp staffing:

  • Improve focus on core/ critical activities
  • Seasonal nature of business
  • Business uncertainties
  • Scale-up or scale-down of business

Amtex Info Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions in temporary staffing and operates through multiple locations across India.

Service Offerings

  • Recruitment Support
  • Seamless Migration
  • Structured On-boarding
  • Associate Training
  • Payroll Management
  • Compliance
  • AIS Support Centre
  • Customised Solutions

Our Business Lines

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We have heard it said that our record is nothing short of phenomenal. Since we’re not prone to over-hype, we’ll just let the fact speak for themselves.
Client Mix

We have a good mix of clients from almost all sectors.
AIS Staffing Cycle
Our Associate Mix
AIS Advantage


  • I-Cards for all associates
  • Individual/ Family Insurance Coverage - Mediclaim/ Personal Accident
  • Insurance Cards
  • Timely error-free payroll Guaranteed employability & growth prospect
  • Payroll card
  • Training
  • Associate portal
  • Open House
  • Structured migration process
  • 100% statutory compliance
  • AIS Support Centre for handling associate queries.
  • Email asc@amtexinfosolutions.com


  • Balanced mix of technological and personalised approach
  • High service level commitments through use of technological tools in recruitment (HireCraft), Payroll (ERP & E-Wrapper), MIS Management, CRM etc.
  • Highest level of compliance orientation
  • Qualitative inputs to clients for enhancing business results
  • AIS Support Centre for handling customer queries. Email asc@amtexinfosolutions.com
  • Value Added Services
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