Globalizing software development and maintenance activities allows access to talent worldwide. Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources, which are organized and managed by Amtex to meet with the explicit business objectives of the customer. Amtex acts as a virtual extension of customer resources, but leverages the expertise and utilizes the infrastructure of its state of the art development center at Chennai, India, seamlessly encompassing the on-site and offshore components of projects.

This translates to speed and cost advantages for clients by following our 80:20 model for full-lifecycle development projects:

India is the most favorable place to outsource your IT requirements to since it has:  
  • A booming IT industry, with IT strengths recognized all over the world  
  • A vast workforce of educated, English speaking, tech-savvy personnel: A boon in a high-growth industry faced with a shortage of skilled workers  
  • Cost-effective manpower  
  • Technical support: India graduates about 70,000 engineers each year The Government of India has recognized the potential of IT-enabled services and has taken positive steps by providing numerous incentives.   Our offshore center is based in a highly secure, fire walled environment with:  
  • Highly reliable data and communications links  
  • Controlled access only to authorized personnel  
  • International class physical and social infrastructure for high productivity  
  • Highly motivated employees who undergo constant training to maintain quality of output  
  • Adherence to international quality processes  
Amtex systematically uses best practices, customer interaction guidelines, and professional training for the planning, implementation and management of globalization solutions.

Our relationship with our clients, allows both Amtex and the clients, to focus on their core competencies while maximizing profits for their operations. This frees the customer from the pressures of setting up their own facility -- freeing precious management bandwidth from tasks such as regulatory approvals, cultural adjustments, infrastructure building, etc.

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