Amtex’s Infrastructure Management Service is the fastest growing line of business for Amtex Systems. Amtex created an uncontested market space of "Remote Infrastructure Management" which has now become an Industry in itself and is being described as the "Third wave of outsourcing" after Software and BPO. Today we dominate this industry and have been recognized by global experts for our leadership and maturity of service delivery.

We have capabilities across IT Infrastructure service towers. So whether you want to outsource just one service tower to us we have the experience and proven expertise to build & manage your network, security, application operations, Service desk , Process and Tools and Datacenter environment.

Infrastracture Development:

Today's Internet business systems are extremely complex, high-integrity systems that support thousands of users, guarantee minimal response times and are required to provide 24x7 uptime. They require robustness, performance, scalability and security. Anything less has the potential to negatively impact a company's revenues, damage brand equity, and erode consumer and trading partner confidence.

Companies find it extremely difficult to attract and keep the technical specialists they need to adequately deploy and manage their complex businesses systems. The complexity of operations combined with draconian time-to-market imperatives and the increasing rate of technological churn make it nearly impossible for businesses to afford, develop and effectively maintain a competitive infrastructure using internal resources alone. As a result, a rapidly growing number of business and technology managers now view software infrastructure services providers and operations outsourcing as the best mechanisms for their organizations.

Outsourcing also offers financial benefits by providing cost-effective technology solutions on a sustained basis and protects against technological obsolescence. The enterprise is able to predict its IT costs with a greater degree of certainty and reduce its costs in the long run.

Based on market analysis, customers will achieve returns between 40% and 120%, with an average return on outsourcing investment of 80% over two years. Thus, on an average, a customer would pay an additional 80% to configure and manage a comparable infrastructure in-house. This is a dramatic reduction in capital outlays for both the initial infrastructure and the ongoing costs for information technology (IT) staff, hardware, software and support.

Amtex also offers Infrastructure Management for the following:

Data Center

All central processing resources (hardware, software and network interfaces) are addressed from the Data Center, which offers services covering a wide range of system environments. The center is capable of augmenting resources in a proactive manner to address growth needs of the clients. This saves a client from investing in infrastructure once services from the Data Center are taken. Amtex's expertise in Networking - both WAN & LAN has enabled it to develop state-of-the-art communication systems for its customers. We offer a whole gamut of services like- Network planning, Network Design, Network Component Sourcing, Deployment, Management & Support.

Help Desk

This service involves running a help desk for handling request for assistance from users of an application/facility/product etc. Amtex has been primarily providing this service at places where it has developed the application or product.

Application Service Provider

This involves set-up of web server with the desired application and providing application services over the web. The hardware, Internet connectivity/bandwidth requirement & providing help desk services to assist users of the application are also provided. This combines services like data center, application development & support, facilities management, and help desk services related to a web-based application supporting customer business.

Disaster Backup Services

Amtex maintains the database and other critical information of its clients to give it protection against any disasters, which might result in the data losses. The data stored is maintained with very high levels of security.