What makes us different?

While most eLearning companies divide their attention among a number of different industries, MedTex World is devoted to delivering high-quality eLearning programs exclusively in the healthcare arena.

This exclusivity allows us to provide you with ‘deep-dive’ solutions for the longer term – enabling a strategic partnership and not merely a tactical one.

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About MedTex World

At MedTex World our passion is improving healthcare. We believe we can achieve this by changing the training the education and paradigm in the healthcare sector. To this end, we are committed to creating well-designed, interactive, measurable and multi-disciplinary electronic learning systems for hospitals, pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, and medical universities and colleges.

Our Approach

At MedTex, we approach eLearning as an art form, and the instructional designer is the artist. Without smart instructional design, an online course is no more effective than a text book. Properly designed instruction is what enables individuals to grasp key concepts and remember them.

The art of eLearning lies in understanding hoe best to present data and information in a way that takes advantage of the electronic format – to leverage its unique teaching functionalities in order to ensure knowledge, acquisition and retention. This also means having an appreciation of who the learning’s are for a specific activity and thoroughly understanding the specific goals of the instruction.