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Assessment Solutions
Effective Talent Management Tools

  • 360 Degree Check Point System
  • Coaching
  • Managing Succession Planning
    • Identify & enable
    • Give your employees visibility into the future of their careers
    • Will help you keep a record of your employees’ talents, skills and preferences
    • Predict success in a variety of future roles and provide information to guide future career development and succession plans

Possible Application Avenues





Assessment Tools  
  • B-PAT
  • B-FIT
  • Assess Screening
  • Assess Selection
  • Assess Development
  • Salesmax
  • CI 360
  • Strategic Succession Modelling
  • Dip Stik - Onboarding
  • Dip Stik - Engagement
  • Dip Stik - Exit
  • Custom-built

Our Key Strengths

  • Superior Candidate Experience
  • Improved quality of hiring and consistency
  • Reduction in time spent on administration and logistics
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the selection process
  • Decrease cost of ownership while not compromising on quality
  • Increase the effectiveness of training and professional development

Why AIS Assessment Solutions?

  • Help hire right people for the right job
  • Help people be more effective and productive than they are today
  • Effectively communicate with each employee
  • Understand and improve employee engagement
  • Redeploy talent when your business significantly changes
  • Motivate people to do what you need them to do
  • Learn how to handle diverse manager/ employee dynamics
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