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Types of Assessments

Individual Assessments
  • Abilities
    • Cognitive
    • English Language Usage
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Personality
  • Competencies

Group/ Organisation-wide Assessment

360 Degree Surveys
  • Behavioural
  • Knowledge
  • Values & Beliefs

Organisation-wide Surveys
  • On-boarding
  • Engagement
  • Exit
  • Communication
Assessment Solutions
Talent Management now made easier with Assessment Solutions

AIS provides a host of proven & tested Assessment tools to both individuals and groups to improve productivity and assess training & development needs in organisations.

Our Assessment tools serve as a talent management platform that provides in-depth assessment of individuals/ groups and can be used in the context of:

  • Assess Self
  • Assess New Hire
  • Assess Team
  • Assess Managers
  • Assess Development
  • Assess Successor

Scope of Services

Our scope of Assessment Solutions provides the following benefits through services to a customer:

  • Hire Right - the right person for the right job
    • Invest in human capital
    • Hire competent people, compatible with the job
    • Save the cost of a wrong hire: time, effort, training and capital
    • Focus on understanding & objectively measuring core competencies and behaviours of top performers
    • Increased consistency
  • Right on-boarding for employees
    • Gain insights of your new employee
    • Enable smooth & quicker transition of the employee into your organisation
    • Get them acclimatised to their new work environment & build rapport with colleagues
  • Build and lead successful teams
    • Insights into team dynamics based on the core characteristics of each team member
    • Predict how the team will function
    • Management advice on how best to manage the team
  • Performance Enhancement
    • Workforce Compatibility Planning - create the capacity for innovation through collaboration & sharing knowledge
    • Effectively manage a talent crunch - identify & align roles
  • Leadership Skill Development
    • Leadership competency and skills measurement
    • Integrated education for specific skills development
    • Coaching and consulting services
  • Effective Talent Management
    • High impact on profitability
    • Create better managers
    • Make the best possible management development and training decisions

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