Straight Through Processing (STP) is the end to end processing of securities and payments without manual intervention.

Achieving real-time seamless electronic exchange of information relating to securities transactions, both within organizations and between multiple counter parties is the first critical step in achieving straight through processing utopia.

STP Core System from Amtex delivers the interconnection with the middleware that provides the messaging infrastructure. It provides open, flexible and easy to deploy transaction-processing power to meet customer demands achieving STP and complying with enterprise-wide T+1 standards.

Open Architecture

The STP Core System’s open architecture and ability to easily integrate with existing infrastructure and seamlessly add functionality, enables clients to provide improved service levels to its customers. In addition, the solutions' integrated STP capabilities for automating transactions helps streamline back office activities, which directly leads to lower costs per transaction and improved reporting capabilities.

The STP Core System allows to readily accommodate new technology and specific requirements as well as eliminates costs associated with manual processing and redundant systems. This will help in delivering an unparalleled service standard and offer easy access to all relevant financial information. It provides connectivity to a variety of trading protocols as well as a range of adapters to connect to numerous software systems such as MQ Series, JAVA, XML, Database, File, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and many more.


Real Time Processing 24/7

STP requires continuous processing of transactions on a 24x7 basis. The Core System is capable of processing information on a real-time basis or executing frequent batch runs to simulate real-time processing of requests. By Utilizing replicated servers and clustering technology allows the Core System to be run in a 24x7 environment. It provides disaster recovery system.

Confirmation and Exception Notification

The outcome of transactions is immediately available. Reports are updated, trade confirmations are sent, and exceptions are reported as soon as the transaction is completed.

Integration with Back Office and Middle Office Systems

The STP Core System provides unmatched flexibility in integrating with both Middle Office and Back Office systems through wide channels.

STP Core System is a comprehensive software platform for processing trades in a broad range of instruments including securities, derivatives, and commodities. It provides easy to use, Internet ready GUI that provides real time access to manage the accounts, portfolios and information related to them.

STP Core System provides following services:
  • Provides intra-day settlement and delivery.
  • Executes virtual settlement for risk management.
  • Supports trade matching.
  • Ease in integration with order routing or trading systems Support widely used Industry Protocols.
  • Easily models any number of account structures and business relationships.
  • Provides real-time processing and staging of Information.
  • Provides access security via User Management Console.
  • Keeps Opening and closing balances of Positions.
  • Supports Post Trade functions.
  • Multi currency.
  • Provides Risk Management techniques.
  • Supports industry standard risk management systems.
  • Open architecture provides wide range of preset instruments including Derivatives, Securities, commodities and also provides induction of new instruments
  • Flexible and multiple Trade Scenario definition
  • Real-time trade processing
  • Status monitoring across trade life cycles and across financial products
  • Expandability using Add on modules
  • Expandability through use of XML
  • Java Technology Messaging Layer
  • Add on Adapters
  • Unique STP Core System Framework
  • Flexible Scenario Definition
  • Status Management
  • Exception Management
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