Market players require access to real-time information in order to transact business in today's 24/7 global environments. To compete, financial institutions must be able to provide their employees with access to trade information intra-day and in real time in order to
  • minimize failure rates in processing trades
  • reduce costs and exposure to operational risks and
  • provide better customer service

80% problems related to STP are internal to an organization. It therefore becomes necessary to connect the internal systems in a seamless manner in order to achieve STP. In this scenario, knitting together the scores of systems posts a formidable task.

We work closely with clients to meet their requirements for STP, contributing to a range of projects -involving an extensive overhaul of their systems infrastructure, including back office, order management and most recently, front office processes.

Objective STP

The fundamental concept of STP is to preserve data accuracy and integrity. We have identified the most recent steps involved in achieving the information technology-driven objective of STP. Of critical importance is ensuring scalability through STP. The technology behind it must not impinge on an organization’s ability to deliver.

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