The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol is a message standard designed to facilitate the electronic exchange of securities-related information between brokerage houses, Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs), custodians, and banks. FIX was originally defined for use in supporting U.S. domestic equity trading with message traffic flowing directly between principals. As the protocol evolved, a number of fields were added to support limited cross-border and fixed income trading. Similarly, the protocol was expanded to allow third parties to participate in the delivery of messages between trading partners. As subsequent versions of FIX are released, it is expected that functionality will continue to expand. FIX was written to be independent of any specific communications protocol or physical medium chosen for electronic data delivery. It is a relatively easy-to-implement, open standard for communicating financial information in a secure but nonproprietary way between two parties.

Amtex FIX Engine is a 100% Java engine that provides support for FIX protocol levels 4.0 and up. It is a highly scalable FIX Engine suitable for medium size fund managers, brokers and exchanges as well as smaller companies who use the FIX protocol.


Full time employees are eligible for:
  • Open flexible architecture allows easy customization to a clients specific requirements
  • Open access to the source code available to clients
  • Seamless integration with virtually all order management systems
  • Allows deployment of solutions specific to the systems needs, saving the spend on a completely new infrastructure
  • Multi-database support
  • Multi-application server support
  • Automated startup/shutdown scheduling
  • Remote party authentication
  • Encryption (for non-private network sessions)
  • Remote administration and monitoring tools, plus a robust suite of testing tools
  • FIX-related message support including FIXml, FPML
  • Platform independent
  • Low latency, high throughput – multi-threaded engine
  • Scalable and expandable FIX messaging platform that grows with your business, allowing you to handle increased trade volumes and additional points of liquidity
  • Modular system allowing choice of components as per systems need
  • Helps to lower your trading and trade processing costs
  • Multi-application server support
  • Automated startup/shutdown scheduling
  • Includes powerful administrative tools for controlling and monitoring your counter party connections.
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