Amtex Systems provides the integration and message processing capabilities to help financial services companies achieve straight-through processing (STP). Companies need to share information real-time, which requires integration of internal applications. Industry managers continuously find sophisticated high performance products in the market and implement them as per their needs.

Amtex Financial Suite offers a robust array of intelligent business format adapters, which help in dissociating the complexity from STP and T+1.
  • FIX
  • MDDL
These enable financial services organizations to consolidate order flow from clients, increasing efficiency while keeping investments in additional systems minimal.

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Automate trade routing
  • Integrates with any order management system to automate the processing of trades from order to settlement
  • Better electronic trading
  • Increased trading volume while minimizing processing costs
  • Facilitates Straight Through Processing
The Suite also offers health care and insurance format adapters:
  • HL7
Amtex Financial Suite sets to derive the architecture from Open Adapter Concept. Clients can customize the products easily with an array of tools as per their specific environments.

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