An overview of BI Jumpstart

With all the benefits that WebFOCUS Express provides it seems logical to kick start a BI Program in your organization? But where do you begin, what is your strategy, and how do you win the confidence of business stakeholders right away? Don’t worry, that is where our BI Jumpstart program comes to your rescue. Amtex Solutions Ltd is offering the BI Jumpstart through the G-Cloud Lot 4 Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) vehicle.

The BI Jumpstart program empowers public sector organisation to solve a business problem with a customized BI solution with your data in 10 days. Our team of experts works in your location while interacting with your key stakeholders to identify & address key business issues with the power of WebFOCUS Cloud Express. The program also provides a long term strategic framework for your BI program and lay out a tactical plan to achieve that vision.

The BI jumpstart program provides instant impact to public sector organisations as you are able to develop and share BI reports & dashboards across the organisation in days. It also gives the organisation the opportunity to learn from experts who are on-site building a customized solution.

It also provides a BI roadmap which is aligned with the organisations long term business strategy while adapting to your dynamic business processes. Most importantly the program is designed to solve an actual business problem within the given timeframe hence providing no-risk, no-obligation opportunity for your organization.

So come and talk to us and we will provide you the perfect start you are looking for in BI.