As economic shifts and deregulation transform the electric power, natural gas, oil and water industries throughout the world, our Utilities Practice serves incumbents and new entrants in this rapidly expanding and liberalized sector. Backed by our expertise in application software development and maintenance through Enterprise Application Integration, Amtex can architecture solutions, deliver custom components, re-engineer proven legacy applications and provide new solutions.

We help clients deal with issues related to:
  • Organization, including restructuring, skill-building and top team management
  • Operations, including capital investment, cost reductions, performance improvement, and networks and logistics
  • Strategy, including mission, sales, economics, and procurement
Our Utilities Practice covers the following areas:

Generation and Wholesale Trading:

Market knowledge, flexibility, and risk management are all essential to success in today's competitive generation and wholesale trading markets. We advise clients on upstream strategies and expand their understanding of generation and trading markets through modeling and analysis.

Retail Energy Services:

Under liberalization, retailing of electric power, natural gas, and energy products has attracted many new competitors to both brick-and-mortar and dot-com sectors. We help clients address increasing competition through new products and services, as well as develop and execute marketing strategies and core customer processes.

Capital Markets:

Capital-market pressures are increasingly focused on each segment of the value chain. We work with clients to identify opportunities and assess alternatives for increasing shareholder and market value.

The services offered by Amtex in this area are:
  • High level consultancy / project management
  • Systems integration using a mix of standard packages and solutions
  • Plant Maintenance / Automation support
  • Turnkey Maintenance / Facilities Management
  • Platform Migration
  • IT development & implementation support to meet specific needs