The pharmaceutical sector is going through a turbulent phase today. Intense competition, tight margins and lack of new drug offerings characterize the sector. Against this backdrop, any company in the pharmaceutical space today needs to implement the following imperatives in order to remain competitive and successful.
  • Cost reduction and avoidance
  • Risk avoidance
  • Revenue enhancement in existing products
  • New product offerings at a faster pace, by reducing time-to-market
  • However, the challenges that straitjacket the industry make the implementation of these imperatives an extremely tough proposition. The major challenges that Pharmaceutical industry is facing are as follows.
  • Drying up drug pipelines
  • New Drug Discoveries are slowing down considerably
  • Cost of development is shooting up considerably
  • Time to market is increasing significantly
  • Margins under pressure
  • Intense competition
  • Diligence in compliance issues
  • Companies not leveraging off-shoring opportunities
Although initially pharmaceuticals players had a wait-and-watch attitude towards offshoring, the trend is now picking up pace. The cost and revenue benefits gained by the first time movers have been a major factor in influencing companies to offshore processes. The offshoring experience of initial companies demonstrates that:
  • IP stays protected
  • Significant cost and quality improvement can be achieved
  • Support functions, such as finance and accounting and HR, can be handled efficiently and cost effectively
Core Offerings

From bioinformatics to clinical trials, Amtex offers end-to-end solutions to clients to effectively disseminate information and transform important business process. We offer quality IT services across the entire gamut of the pharmaceutical value chain.
  • In the first stage of research and drug discovery, we help players accelerate and optimize their discovery.
  • In the development stage, we provide solutions to streamline clinical data capture, reporting and analysis
  • We help companies to reduce regulatory risk by process validation and compliance
  • When it comes to manufacturing and technical operations, we offer MES services, which ease the compliance burden by using innovative custom packages like SOP system for API manufacturing etc.
  • Our solutions help players buoy up effectiveness in marketing by providing custom solutions in DW/BI, Web-based promotions, etc.
  • We also offer services for support functions such as finance and accounting