Insurance companies need to focus on specific customer attributes, convenience, infrastructure support for new service delivery, and provision for a wide range of services across dissimilar populations.

Amtex’s Insurance Practice serves clients across the full spectrum of insurance and asset management. The practice knowledge domain includes all areas specific to risk and asset management, including underwriting, pricing, distribution, claims management, IT, operational effectiveness, and investment management.

The core team comprises of experienced insurance professionals, who have rich experience in developing and managing software solutions for large insurance companies. This core functional team is complemented by the expertise of Amtex’s large pool of technical resources.

Our implementations in the insurance industry include but are not limited to:

Life Insurance and Wealth Accumulation:

We help clients shape distinctive strategies for the rapidly converging life insurance and asset management sectors and develop the executional excellence necessary for continued success.


We offer guidance and expertise to reinsurers on new approaches to covering corporate risks; on global business strategy and investment management; and on opportunities in life and health reinsurance.

This experience helps us identify challenges facing the industry and enables us to provide relevant solutions to clients. The services offered by Amtex in this area are:
  • Issue Quote, Policy writing and Policy Printing  
  • Product pricing  
  • Policy administration  
  • Claims processing  
  • Premium billing and accounting  
  • Reinsurance
  • Agency management and commissions payment  
  • Actuarial valuation