Breaking the technology barrier

High-Tech industry is becoming increasingly competitive with new technologies being introduced sooner than ever before. Organizations are looking at optimizing their R&D cost without reducing their focus on innovation. This presents the industry with unique challenges:
  • Industry convergence and consolidation
  • Increasing competition making customer acquisition and retention tougher
  • Daunting product life-cycle decisions
  • Fundamental changes occurring in how software technology is deployed and used
  • Movement towards Asset Light Manufacturing
  • Increasing Systems Integration with sub-contactors
  • Multi Sourcing Strategies coming into play
  • Pressure on supply chain and manufacturing efficiency
  • Increasing product complexity
With more than 10 years of experience in the High-Tech industry, Amtex is rightly positioned to provide right technology platforms, solutions and time-to-market accelerators that will help you accelerate product innovation, achieve operational optimization and maintain market leadership. Amtex’s capability across the product development life cycle with our flexible business and engagement model makes us the ideal partner for the High-Tech companies.