• Systematic process of creating back up of all the data received from Client as well as all the internal data and communication.
  • Periodic internal vulnerability assessment audits conducted to assess threats, vulnerabilities and accordingly provide mitigation.
  • Periodic external penetration tests are done to check for compliance of Intrusion prevention and detection systems
  • Employees sign confidentiality agreement with severe penalties for HIPAA violations.
  • Every employee has access to applications / databases defined on 'need to know' and 'minimum necessary' basis.
  • Highest IT/IS security systems with audit trails are implemented for critical projects.
  • Autonomic auto lock out for unauthorized attempts like brute password guessing.
  • Employees are trained on disaster recovery plan.
HIPAA compliant procedures under implementation in risk areas like :
  • Data processing.
  • Fax and email communication to external agencies.
  • Information disclosure to payers, patients, family members and others.
  • Storage, retrieval and/or disposal of reports and physical records Software