• Medical Billing/Coding: HCFA 1500's, UB92's, Medical Records.

  • Follow-up/Collections: Follow-up-Insurance Pre-Collection & Accounts Receivable Analysis-Outsourcing Resolution

  • Remittance (EOB) Posting: Credit Balance Resolution

  • Medical Transcription: Multi -Specialty Transcribed, Quality Reviewed, and returned to Provider in 24 hours

  • Auditing: Medical Records for Compliance and Facility Reimbursement from Insurance Carriers per contractural agreements.

  • Physician Credentialing: Credentialing is a process for validating the background and assessing the qualifications of a healthcare professional to provide healthcare services in an institution, managed care organization, or provider network.

  • Medical Record Digitization : Process of capturing the data from a file and converting to a digitized image.

  • Appointment Scheduling : 24/7 Patient Scheduling and resource management.