The services we provide are:

Auditing Medical Records for Compliance.

Per government standards, each patient medical record must contain certain information in a certain format. We provide you the services to ensure compliance with those governmental regulations, which could otherwise be a barrier in the reimbursement of medical payouts.

Auditing Provider reimbursement from Insurance Carriers.

This is a very involved process when requested by a healthcare facility.

Auditing previously submitted claims to ensure reimbursement accuracy as per contract.

Physician Credentialing

The process is an objective evaluation of a healthcare service provider's current licensure, training, experience, competence, and ability to perform the services or procedures requested. Credentialing occurs during both initial appointment and reappointment to a medical staff of a hospital or to a provider network.

Medical Record Digitization

Medical record imaging is the process of taking the paper medical records and scanning them electronically to produce a digitized image that can be stored on a computer. Once the record is in electronic image format, it can be transmitted and accessed quickly and easily throughout an organization, thus reducing costs.

Appointment Scheduling

Amtex Systems is an enterprise patient scheduling and resource management solution provider that helps health service providers optimizes the delivery of care services. Via phone or email, we can schedule appointments based on facility and physician availability.