Leveraging its deep understanding of industry knowledge and engineering competencies, Amtex’s Energy & Utilities practice along with its industry partners provides IT enabled solutions to customers. The Energy (Oil & Gas) & Utility companies has found themselves in operating in a very different world shell-shocked with rocketing oil prices, rapid financial and economic crisis. On the other strict abidance to climate change regulations requires them to stretch their horizons further. Technology innovation is seen as central to a range of key developments in this sector. Amtex’s E&U offers customized solutions in areas like Enterprise IT, customer service, supply chain, infrastructure consolidation and legacy modernization. We work with some of the leading players of each industry including leading oil & gas and utilities companies in the world.

The Utilities industry forms the backbone of modern day societies and economies. Increasing supply constraints and environmental awareness can be found at the root of almost all these problems thus forcing the companies to reinvent the way the business should be run. The industry has been experiencing deregulation and privatization globally and there is a renewed interest in operational efficiency through asset and resource optimization. With the current state of regulatory environment and the unbundling in progress, the innovation involving business processes is going to decide the frontrunners in the industry.

Oil and Gas are considered among the world's most important resources. The oil and gas industry have been instrumental in playing a critical role in driving the global economy. The processes and systems involved in exploration, production, refining and marketing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive and require state-of-the-art technology. The industry is witnessing huge energy demand because of some robust developed and developing economies, while the global sources of supplies remain unstable. As a result there has been a soar in consumer prices, high cost associated with exploration and production activities, intense pressure created to improve reserves, achieving production optimization and environmental compliance.

Energy & Utilities Practice at Amtex

We at Amtex Energy & Utilities completely understand the nature and the pain points of this industry and the whole value chain and its unique requirements that spans from complex engineering solutions in the upstream to customer responsive business solutions in the retail segment. We along with our industry partners are determined to provide best of the breed IT enabled industry targeted solutions leveraging our deep understanding of industry knowledge and engineering competencies.

Based on our past experience, we bring a wide range of services and experiences for each of the segments in Oil & Gas and Utilities industry. The group offers truly 360 degree services to its customers – from the very high end Domain Consulting to Application Development, Support and Maintenance Services, to the Desktop Support and BPO Services leveraging the organization’s extensive technology service. Amtex with its Blue Ocean Strategy in this vertical has invested significantly to address the business and market challenges faced by Energy & Utilities industry.

Amtex’s service spread spans from IT Consulting, Architecture Blueprinting, Application Development & Maintenance, Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) and Packaged solution implementation to Product Engineering, Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services, Business Process Outsourcing.