The software industry is driven by ever-evolving consumer demands centered on continuous innovation and cost-efficiency. The increasing dominance of web-based and free-to-use applications has shifted the market trend towards SaaS and cloud-based offerings.

Amtex possesses a decade of Outsourced Product Development expertise in the software and internet space. We enable you to launch your products and solutions through our IPs, which include,

  • SaaS enabler – the Amtex SaaS solution
  • Web2Works – the Amtex Web 2.0 framework
  • SOA framework

Amtex focuses on customized solutions within the Independent Software Vendors and software products industry. Our solutions include consulting, product engineering, IT, BPO and infrastructure services. We enable you to reduce your R&D and IT costs through our innovative operational models including the factory model, the shared services model and new business modules.