Rapid progress in information and communication technology is an important factor changing all the sectors in most countries. The strong effects of technology are particularly visible in the finance industry. Technology drastically reduces cost of providing financial services and is responsible for structural change in conjunction with globalization and deregulation. Moreover, to survive and excel in the fast changing environment, your business must move faster to succeed.

Finance, banking and securities business is virtually across time zones, geographical locations, access points and delivery channels. In order to keep abreast with emerging Internet and wireless technologies, it is important to have a technology partner who has the required skills and understanding of the ongoing changes in the financial arena.

Amtex recognizes that the dynamic financial environment requires innovative services that need to be conceived and delivered quickly in a cost efficient way. The rapidly changing business and technology environment drives us to continuously develop new result-oriented strategies and creative solutions for the financial services industry in order to cope with the challenges.

We have in-depth industry knowledge backed with our end-to-end technological expertise and experience having worked with some of the best banks, providing them mission-critical solutions and services.

Amtex has a variety of clients in commercial banking, investment banking/brokerage, asset management, consumer finance, securities, insurance, and diversified financial services. Amtex has project implementation skills, expertise and experience in implementing third party solutions. We leverage the benefits of proven products and methodologies for our customers in the finance industry with special focus on customization as per client requirements and specifications. This combination of core technology and partnerships helps in successful deployment of customer-driven solutions throughout an organization.

The services offered by Amtex are:
  • Banking and Financial Services solutions
  • Application software design, development, implementation, training and support
  • Integration with a variety of electronic delivery channels
  • Performance measurement, reviewing and fine tuning
  • Trading
  • Order routing and management
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Risk management and control
  • Equity
  • Bond and derivative analytics
  • Securities database integration
  • Clearing and settlement systems
  • Decimalization