Amtex’s Aerospace & Defense Practice pioneered offshore Engineering services from India a decade ago and is today the preferred engineering partner for new aircraft programs across the aerospace eco-system. With over 50 projects and having partnered on all major commercial aerospace programs in the past decade, Amtex’s Global Engineering Hub enables customers to leverage the domain expertise of our experienced aerospace engineers and facilities that meet the most stringent quality standards. Amtex’s service areas in this domain extend to Avionics, Engineering Design, IT Applications and Manufacturing Services.

Today, Aerospace & Defense (A & D) companies are faced with a combination of challenges and opportunities. With the rising fuel prices, challenging security concerns and increasing globalization, aerospace companies strive to remain profitable, seeking new ways to re-evaluate and improve their engineering and business processes.

Amtex partners with A & D companies to overcome these challenges and tap the emerging opportunities through its Global Engineering Hub, a center of excellence that aerospace firms can leverage the domain expertise of our experienced aerospace engineers. Global Engineering Hub meets the most stringent quality, security standards and certifications. Amtex’s relationship model ensures that you work with professionals which not only understand the business of A & D, but also the context in which decisions are made and what solutions are most effective.

Amtex's Aerospace & Defense practice has evolved from its first Avionics project to one of the largest dedicated Aerospace Practice in India, providing technology led solutions to Aerospace and Defense manufacturers, helping them achieve their growth and profitability goals in an intensely competitive market place.

Amtex serves the entire aerospace value chain including prime contractors, system suppliers, equipment suppliers and component suppliers. Our experience of working on almost every major commercial program within last decade has given us insights of the large, complex and critical programs, which enabled us to become the preferred global program partner for new aircraft programs.
  • Defense - Amtex's Defense practice leverages its extensive experience and expertise of working on some of the major Military aircraft programmes for global enterprises.
  • IT Applications - Through unique innovative risk sharing business models, Amtex aims to bring significant cost reduction to aerospace companies.