Is a global business just about business? Are logistics, numbers and return on investment all that count? Amtex is one of a new breed of modern businesses that believes our engagement with people, the communities and regions in which we operate, and the greater global environment is an integral part of our overall business focus. We apply our unique energy and problem-solving capabilities to our evolving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Our CSR programmes operate across the breadth of our global business and span five continents and multiple countries. Through these programmes, we give expression to our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen not only to deliver value to shareholders and clients, but also to adhere to a code of ethical conduct; to provide a fair and unprejudiced workplace for employees; to deliver solutions that are environmentally responsible; and to ensure that we operate as sustainably as possible. Our CSR programme covers three main areas: environmental issues; social issues, which includes our own employees as well as community engagement; and ethics and governance.