The Spirit of Amtex is the core of Amtex. The spirit is rooted both in current reality as well as representing what Amtex aspires to be, thus making it future active. The spirit is an indivisible synthesis of what we are and what we want to be. It manifests an intensity to win, act with sensitivity and uphold integrity at all times.

Intensity to Win

Winning is about extending our selves to achieve what seems beyond our grasp. It is aiming for the maximum. It is the ardor to do our best, and the hunger to be the best. It is the devotion to challenge our limits, realize and expand our potential.

It is not about winning at all costs, neither is it about winning every time, nor about winning at the expense of others.

It is about working together to create a synergy; realizing that I win when my team wins, my team wins when Amtex wins and Amtex wins when its customers win.

It is about innovating all the time. It is a continuous endeavor to do better than the last time .

It is the Spirit of fortitude, the Spirit of never letting go… ever.

Act with Sensitivity

Respect for the individual, being thoughtful and responsible
At its highest vision, respect for the individual is unqualified. The core of this sensitivity lies in understanding that every being, however different, is equal. The spirit of democracy underlies our notion of sensitivity... we believe in a society where each citizen sees the ethic of equity, the essentiality of diversity, the ethos of justice, and is thus driven to social action. It is about being able to see that each one of us is inextricably embedded in the same social fabric.

The other source of respect is trust. Trusting that every individual is driven by learning, that each individual would like to grow, that every individual strives for a meaningful life and is intrinsically driven to do his/her best. Therefore, true respect means creating conditions in which every individual grows to realize his/her promise and potential.

We are responsible for, and have an obligation to live in harmony with, our ecological environment. We should actively act to preserve nature, and refrain from any action that harms ecology.

Thus, when I act with thoughtfulness, act responsibly, act with empathy… I act with sensitivity.

Unyielding Integrity

Delivering commitments with honesty and fairness in action
Integrity is a commitment to searching for and acting on the truth. “Truth” is a word with many manifestations – it means keeping one’s word; it also means understanding and realizing the highest vision of oneself.

On integrity, there will be no compromise… we will always act to establish the foremost standards of honesty and fairness. Integrity is a beacon. It is what guides us, gives us direction… it is not a straitjacketing laundry list of do’s and don’ts.

Integrity is being ethical beyond doubt. It is living the law of the land in spirit. It is what will give us the confidence to stand up to any scrutiny.

I am the litmus test of my integrity. For integrity is the manifestation of conscience.