Eco Eye is Amtex's comprehensive program that drives increasing ecological sustainability in all its operations and areas of influence. It is driving a self transformation to create an ecologically sustainable organization and business. As Amtex moves forward on this path, it would continuously try to influence all its stakeholders and communities, to move towards ecological sustainability.

Why is Amtex doing this?

It is a fact that the path to economic progress is ecologically unsustainable. Each one of us is a part of this. The impact and effect of this could range from serious disruption to society and economy as we know it, to global apocalypse and unprecedented global strife. It is going to be a very serious impact and 'how serious' is a question of degree and time.

If every one of us as organizations and individuals, i.e. the global society transform to ecologically sustainable progress, we have the best chance of shaping a secure and happy future.

Amtex is driving this because:
  • It is the right thing to do. We must act responsibly to build a secure and happy future for humanity and not just act for an economically successful present. Each one of us must do it.
  • Large organizations must take the lead: Because, we can influence others, because we can innovate and act on solutions and because we are the dominant architects and actors of the current socio-economic structure. Hence it’s our calling to go through a deep and fundamental transformation towards ecological sustainability.
  • It will soon become a basic requirement. Customers will demand it; employees will seek it and governments will mandate it; so it is always better to be early and prepared.
  • It presents opportunities for profitable business. Enormous business opportunities are opening up in building businesses around ecological sustainability, and around weaving ecological sustainability in current businesses.