Amtex has centers in multiple countries and the recruitment process differs in some manner from geography to geography as per your needs and the law of the land.

However, we largely follow a generic process that is common to all potential Amtexites. Once your profile has been received through any of the above mentioned sources/channels and shortlisted by our recruiters, you will be called for the interview process followed by selection. You are required to attend technical/functional interviews as well as final discussions with the Talent Acquisition Team (the recruitment team of Amtex Systems).

As part of the joining process you are required to submit various documents and be part of a background verification process. Document submission and background verification are conducted at different stages according to the recruitment process of a particular location. A successful selection process will result in an offer being made. On your acceptance and joining, you will commence your professional journey at Amtex with our induction programme.

The path you choose to apply to Amtex Systems is the path we honor. Select your source and begin the Journey of Excellence.