An overview of Big Data Analytics as a Service

The Big Data Analytics service is delivered as a managed service by Amtex Solutions Ltd. It is a managed deployment of 4 nodes on IL2 compliant G-Cloud platform (16 cores, 128 GB memory, 20TB database storage) with a complete big data analytics platform and big data storage platform. The solution enables big data analytics at a fraction of cost of proprietary appliances from the major database/hardware companies.

There are three stages in leveraging the solution:
  1. Prepare & Model
    • Visual designer for data integration, enrichment and modeling
    • 15x productivity boost compared to scripting and coding
    • Wizards for uploading and previewing data

  2. Visualize & Explore
    • Big data exploration
    • Interactive visualizations
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Open API for publishing

  3. Discover & Predict
    • Time series forecasting
    • Statistical learning, evaluation and visualization of predictive models
    • Support of Predictive Modeling Markup Language (PMML)

The solution is based on Datastax Enterprise Edition, Pentaho Business Analytics and Pentaho Instaview version 4.8 (enterprise edition) commercial open source software and some additional open source components.